Thinking in a Logical Manner

For example, Phil, it's not logical to wear Timberlands to Starbucks

My friends know that I’m a pretty smart guy, so sometimes they come to me with problems—problems usually about calc or physics but sometimes personal issues too.  Usually the problem is that they aren’t thinking logically.  Most problems which arise can be solved by thinking logically.

One time my friends and I were sitting on a bench and we had a problem.  The problem arose that eight of us wanted to go to Arby’s.  The other problem was that the car only could fit five people.  Everyone was trying to figure out what to do about it.  Everyone said we should just take the metro but Scott said the metro was too far, so I said “Guys, just think about it logically for a second.  We can all take the car; we just need to have me, Steve, Cindy, Phil, and Mike drive to Arby’s while Becca, Scott, and Linda wait here on this bench.  When me, Steve, Cindy, Phil, and Mike get to Arby’s, Phil can turn around and drive back to pick up Becca, Scott, and Linda and drive them there.  That’s the logical way to do it.”

Usually, when people don’t understand how to solve problems, I usually explain it to them logically or just tell them to be logical about it.


~ by killerbuffalo on April 28, 2010.

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