My Summer Internship

That’s a black Infiniti sedan. It would sell new for between $30,000 and $50,000ish.

It’s about time I told you guys what I’ve been doing all summer.  You know how my dad owns the Infiniti dealership in Scarsdale?  I think I mentioned that once.  Well anyway, I got an internship at the new car section of the Infiniti dealership.  It wasn’t too bad, but I had to wear a tie and slacks—my dad said that if I wanted to sell an Infiniti, I had to have “class,” to look like the type of person an Infinity driver would want to be.

I was younger than most of the customers, but I bet a lot of Infinity drivers would want to be in Sig Ep.  The guy I worked for was pretty amazing too, so I could tell customers that.  He analyzed Infiniti sales around the country, and then actually knew exactly how many of each model in each individual color we would need to buy for the quarter.

My duties included answering the phone, making photo copies, and filling in forms.  Usually when I couldn’t think of anything to do, I would walk around the office and ask the people who weren’t with customers what “the situation” was, and then fill in my boss on what they said.  When he asked me to do something I would try to squint my eyes a little and I say words like “absolutely” a lot—one time I saluted him right before I left, but he told me not to do that.  He’s a Vietnam vet, so I guess it brings back bad memories.  I never saluted him again since it’s important in this competitive and fast-moving business world to show you are mature and to make a good impression on people.

My internship was cut a little short because the dealership closed down—we invested too much of our assets in the summer stock of cars and couldn’t pay the lease on the property when we weren’t able to sell any of the red M37s that the dealership bought, but I don’t think it was my boss’s fault because he made a really good impression on me.

~ by killerbuffalo on September 13, 2010.

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