The Recession

Rebecca and Todd had to give up their membership to the Ladue Country Club

I know a lot of you think I just like to blog about what’s new and cool in my life whether it’s my bid to Sig Ep or my favorite ways to wear a hat backwards—to a certain extent that’s most of what I talk about.  Every once in a while, though, I take a step back and examine the world around me—you may remember my essay on Barack Obama.  I want to take a few moments out of my day to discuss the recession going on in America.

I lived through the 2001-2002 recession, but this one is different.  This recession is affecting so many people.  Last May, my milkman told me that he was going to stop doing his routes.  He said that people had decided that the novelty of it wasn’t enough to warrant paying $15 a week for milk, so he said the bottom line “just didn’t make sense.”  This recession is such a sad thing because this is America, where the bottom line is supposed to “make sense.”  I just can’t believe that this could be happening in this country.

Let me tell you another story about this recession.  Two years ago my cousin Rebecca had this great house in St. Charles.  A playroom for each of their kids, three full bathrooms, a three car garage.  Great house.  Rebecca was a real estate agent, and her husband, Todd, worked for a company called “Countrywide” selling loans to immigrants without a credit history and other people that were getting turned away by other banks.  Rebecca and Todd worked together to help these people: Rebecca would show the houses and sell them to these people and Todd would get them a loan from his company, since the people couldn’t get loans anywhere else.

Todd got fired when his company almost declared bankruptcy and was bought by Bank of America because the recession was so bad.  That was two years ago and Rebecca no longer has any work as a real estate agent because of the recession.  Todd and Rebecca had to give their house back to the bank and move into an apartment in the city.

This bothers me so much because Rebecca and Todd were helping so many people.  All they wanted to do was get people with bad credit histories into good homes in safe suburban neighborhoods, but they can no longer do it in this economy.  I can’t believe, in this country, that money can get between two people wanting to help people and the people they want to help.  I know how much Rebecca and Todd suffer as they wake up every day in St. Louis City, where there isn’t a golf course nearby and there are poor immigrants on their street, not that Rebecca and Todd don’t like immigrants because all they were trying to do was to get these people money so they could buy nice homes.


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