Five Cool Places to Be From

I hear Fairfax is a cool area in D.C. I'm trying to hook up with this girl from there (Pi Phi)

Going to school at Washington University is like going to school in an incredibly diverse environment.  I remember hearing a statistic during my tour here that no two Wash U students are from exactly the same place.  Just living on the South Forty—just forty acres of land—we’ve got people from New York to Chicago, Boston to Korea.  Go to Bear’s Den and it’s like the United Nations taking a break from a convention to have a barbecue of hot dogs and hamburgers in your back yard.

Given my experiences thus far at Wash U, here is my list of the five coolest places to be from.

1. New York City: I have a lot of friends from New York City.  Most of them live in Long Island, but some of them live in Westchester County or Riverdale.  I’m not sure if it’s official that these places are in NYC, but my friends say that it’s just easier to say they’re from New York City than to have to explain to Midwesterners where the hell Long Island is.

That's Jeremy's house, which is nice, but I wouldn't live there. The pressure of the city can be relentless sometimes.

Growing up in an urban environment, these guys have street smarts, and sometimes the other kind of smarts, and they know the most legit places to buy polo shirts and ridiculously cheap designer watches.  In New York it’s all about connections; most New Yorkers know at least seven places to get a fake ID and can get you one really cheap through a cousin of one of their brother’s closest friends, but you will have to pay upfront because thats just how it works.  But they aren’t all elitist or anything.  In fact my friend Jeremy is from New York, and he’s great.  Sometimes we get drunk and go to Chabad together; fucking hilarious shit.

2. Chicago: My only friends from Chicago are from Evanston, Illinois and suburbs in Wisconsin.  They are all chill dudes, and all in frats.  Chicago seems like it would be a fun place to visit one weekend this semester, but I haven’t done it yet because I usually go to the good parties on the weekends.  But for formal I think we’re gonna go chill in a sweet hotel there for a couple days next semester.  We don’t usually leave the hotel, but if we do, I’ll be sure to check the city out.

3. A Small City that sounds Mexican, but is actually somewhere in between LA and San Francisco: I’m friends with a few of these guys, one from Santa Barbara.  He doesn’t know how to surf, but he knows a bunch of guys who do.  These guys know how to party, but also how to keep it real.  Also they smoke some phat nugs out there, and are always super mellow and down to share their private stash when your guy won’t pick up his phone.  The rest are from Orange County or LA (as in the Valley).  Its good to get to know this crew because they can help you with your philosophy homework, and most of them know at least one person who has seen an A-list celebrity at a restaurant, or at least a movie premier or something.

4. Boston: What I mean by that is Newton and Brookline.  My best friend, in fact, is from Coolidge Corner.  I went to his house over Thanksgiving break last year, and we had a great time hanging out at the Bruegger’s Bagels and skateboarding outside the Barnes and Noble (that was when I used to skateboard).

I’m getting a longboard at Wal-Mart tomorrow though, so I’m glad I got some practice skateboarding all Thanksgiving there.  Also, if you are feeling jittery and just feel like doing some LAXin is really necessary, most of these guys should have two or three sticks to toss around with.

5. Asia: I know a handful of kids from Korea or Taiwan.  They seem cool, but I don’t think they really like to drink, so we don’t hang out that much anymore.  Still, Asia seems like it would be a pretty sweet place to live—I Lo Mein all day (its so good at Manchu Wok) and I love Top Ramen.  It seems like they are just living in the future over there—why else would they be so good with computers?  I’ve heard people say that Asia is the future, but I’ve also heard that children are the future, so you can’t really say for sure what the future holds.  I don’t really hang with any Asians lately because my best friend from Taiwan is pretty involved with his girlfriend, which is why he always tells me that he doesn’t have time to hang out with me at the house.


~ by killerbuffalo on October 12, 2010.

8 Responses to “Five Cool Places to Be From”

  1. baaaaaaa

  2. thanks

  3. It’s funny because suburbs aren’t cities. Also, all the cool Pi Phi biddies are from Lauden.

  4. Im almost sure that most of these suburbs are part of the cities

  5. this post reeks of lamb

  6. In D.C., suburbs aren’t part of the District. D.C. has clearly defined borders, and the surrounding suburbs either have their own local governments or are administered by whatever county they’re a part of.

    Of course, we’re just way cooler than the rest of you schmucks in the nation’s capital.

  7. Como se dice Bethesda snob?

  8. Hombre de la gente.

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