Getting the Most out of Your Engine

My dad got angry at me for spending so much on gas last month, telling me that what gas I used made no difference, but I showed him that there's hard science behind "Ultimate"

My ’01 Infiniti M37 has always served me well.  I use it all the time—sometimes picking up my roommates at the airport or sometimes just heading to Sonic.  Sometimes I use the car for more romantic pursuits, like when some girls I know are on the loop and I want to pick them up and hang out.  I would never want it to break down with one of them in the car, so when I go to the fill up the tank I want to know that I’m getting the best product available.  Usually I fill up at the Shell Station at the corner of Skinker and Delmar, and buy “Ultimate”—their top of the line gas.  Sometimes I go to the BP on Forsyth.  That place is alright, but the best gas there, “Premium,” as they call it, is just basically standard premium grade gas that you could find anywhere.  I’ve never had any issues with my car after filling up on it, but I just feel like my car performs better when I put “Ulitimate” (from Shell) into the tank—I think its because the acid-purifying microbes that they put in it.

Also, there’s another reason that I’ve only gone to the BP a handful of times in the last six months.  I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  It was really bad what happened to the environment, and it was pretty much all BP’s fault.  But they have done an amazing job with their cleanups efforts (my uncle works at their corporate office in Houston and he assured me that they did everything they could).  They are even paying the fisherman in that area for the fish they killed, which is the right thing to do.  I’m still afraid that if that girl that I’m trying to hook up who’s in my environmental studies class finds out that I sometimes get gas at BP, she won’t hook up with me.  She really likes otters and turtles and other mammals (Art History major).

Have you guys tried “Ultimate” at the Shell station?  If not, what brand of premium grade gas does your engine best perform on?  Is getting “Ultimate” worth it, when you have to spend $5 on the album of that emcee that hangs out at the Shell station?

~ by killerbuffalo on October 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “Getting the Most out of Your Engine”

  1. “hooking up with sorostitutes” is getting really stale, y’all

  2. yeah nice

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