Dyson DC33 Multi Floor (Sponsored Post)

If you loved your children, you would want their living space to be as sanitary as possible

Apparently my blog has been getting media attention lately because a guy sent me an email saying he was from Dyson and he would pay me $25 to write an endorsement of the DC33 Multi Floor on my blog.

Luckily writing an endorsement is easy, since this is the best vacuum around.  You can go traveling around the world, but I guarantee that you won’t find anything that cleans carpet stains and dust so well.  Basically the secret is the vacuum’s Root Cyclone technology.  According to the online manual it “captures more dirt and microscopic dust than other cyclones.”

One of my favorite things about the DC33 is that it’s only 17.6lbs yet has a telescope reach wand that extends 15.7 ft.  I’ve never seen that good a weight/telescope-wand-length ratio in a vacuum.  Overall, I would say the DC33 Multi Floor is a very good purchase.  I’m confident that if I bought it I would like it, and probably wouldn’t even return it after using it a few times like I did with that huge amp from Guitar Center that I got for the Sig Chi gig.

Anyway, I was a little worried that there were a lot of typos in the email that the Dyson rep sent me—I don’t want to work for a company that can’t spell—but I’m sure the guy will figure it out eventually.  Sometimes it just takes time; that’s what my Writing 1 professor told me last year when we met because I was struggling with the spelling in my essays.

First, though, I Googled Dyson.  I was confused since I was pretty sure they were just a company that sold chicken at the grocery store, but I guess they diversified.  In a modern business environment, where entrepreneurialism is the key to success, it’s important that you diversify your company.

~ by killerbuffalo on October 27, 2010.

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