XMAS Break Update/The NFL is Ruining Football

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My break is going pretty well so far, except that I left my phone in my pants and my mom put it through the washer.  It doesn’t really matter because I was getting a new phone for Christmas anyway.  It’s too bad though, because the battery leaked and now I have to drive my dad to get a new washer at Sears.

After that I took the car over to my friend’s house and taught my friends how to play slap cup, the game the we usually play in the house basement.  It was pretty fun, but then his mom came down and was pissed that there was beer in the rug, so she kicked us out.  I didn’t want to drive back yet so we built a jump out of snow in his backyard and went down it on his little bro’s snowboard until it broke when Joey was being a fucking idiot, trying to go over the jump sideways.

I should probably clarify what I meant when I wrote “the NFL is ruining football” in the title to this post.  It really comes down to one thing: the NFL is telling its players what to do, and not letting them play the game.  One of the reasons that WWE is always so popular is that they let the wrestlers play the game—they don’t tell them what’s a “legal” pin or any of that arbitrary bullshit.  That’s why people get so emotional about the sport.  I’ve even seen the referees start fighting before because they get so caught up in what’s going on.  That type of heat of the moment is becoming impossible in the NFL as Roger Goodell turns the league administration into basically a nanny organization trying to keep peace among all the players all over the country (basically the NATO of sports).

It all started a while ago with the crackdown on helmet to helmet hits, when the NFL almost lost James Harrison to retirement.  They say they just want to protect the players, but they can’t protect their players by passing illegal rules and forcing them to quit.  Also, defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh was fined $15000 for showing Jay Cutler where the ground was after he scrambled for 8 yards.  That kind of enthusiasm should be encouraged.  Harrison needs to stop fining players for just playing the game the way it was meant to be played, and stop interfering with their personal lives by draining them of all their money.

But now they are thinking about a lockout.  If I have to miss any games of next season because the greedy owners wont pay the players what their market value is, I might just stop watching football.  My point is that football was always a game about making fair calls and big hits and having a cool routine to do after you score a touchdown, and if the NFL ruins that then they will have ruined football forever.  I will just have to switch to the NBA.


~ by killerbuffalo on January 11, 2011.

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