I've haven't found this girl on campus yet

WUNP (pronounced “Wash U No Pants”) is finally back!  I’ve been pretty depressed lately, and I know I haven’t been posting much, but it’s been better since yesterday when I overheard this Sammy kid in my class talking about WUNP coming back.

If you don’t know, WUNP started back in ’08 as a style guide for WashU girls.  Leggings were so hot for a while, but then they went out in ’09 when Prof. Greenbaum of WUED (Wash U Economics Department) started wearing a pair of black legging-jeans to his lectures.

Now its 2011, and the world has moved forward.  People are no longer afraid to wear their leggings.  Even Bristol Palin coming to speak about abstinence won’t stop progress from continuing at Wash U.

I’m pretty excited to witness the rebirth of leggings, and that WUNP has “re-started” to catalogue this “re-trend.”  I used to love to scroll through the pictures and think about different girls’ fashion potentials.  I know that with tons of hot new pics I won’t be depressed in the weeks to come.

~ by killerbuffalo on January 31, 2011.

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  1. your good

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