“Fake Chancellor Wrighton” is COMPLETELY FAKE

Chancellor Wrighton would never advocate replacing our math department with a "meth department" just to make more money

We all know that Twitter is the future—Time Magazine (the future of print media) even had an article called “Twitter is the Future” last week—but as we mold our future through 140 char “Tweets,” it’s important that we remember that the internet is a dangerous tool.  Just as easily as Twitter can be a force for good, it can be a force for evil—the Chancellor Wrighton feed is a sad, but fortunately rare example of this.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the kinda of guy who takes myself too seroiusly.  I like doing random things like throwing snowballs at Freshman outside of Sig Chi and chugging Red Bull+Vodka contests on Thursday nights (Cultural Anthro can suck my dick for having class on Friday).  But the fake chancellor feed has advocated for stealing university property, forcing alcoholic beverages on freshman, and consuming illicit beverages (Four Loko).  This isn’t funny.

After touring the country’s best colleges with my mom and doing countless hours of research, I decided to apply to Wash U because it had no supplement (Common app only) and they said during the tour that it was ranked 10th in the U.S. News and World Report best colleges guide.  I did not come to this university to see a bunch of immature Phi Delt guys make a fake Twitter account that impersonates the chancellor, portraying him as a person that vandalizes school property (by using Bear’s Den trays as sleds) and prank texts his students.  While Chancellor Wrighton is a quirky man with a great sense of humor, I can guarantee you that he is nothing like what is said on the fake Twitter feed.  Let me emphasize that again: the Chancellor W Twitter is FAKE, as in NOT REAL, as in NOT ACTUALLY WRITTEN BY CHANCELLOR WRIGHTON.  If the site were to start posting real rumors about the chancellor, (like his frequent 2am Steak n’ Shake sightings or how the flowers from in front of brooking mysteriously disappear every few months), it could be humiliating for the everyone who attends this university.  I didn’t come to a top-ranked U.S. News and World Report university to have that happen.


~ by killerbuffalo on February 4, 2011.

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