Great Sandwich!!!

Let me tell you a story.  Two years ago I was just another kid like you: I didn’t have toned abs, I had never seen Entourage, I was a bad test-taker, and I couldn’t even tell you that Sig Chi was better than Theta Xi.  But now that I’m a personal finance major at Wash U on my way to a successful career at Goldman Sachs or Lehman Brothers—(hopefully I don’t have to work for long before I can retire though)—I’ve made the decision to embrace “professionalism.”  I conduct myself professionally with anyone from a PP (prospective parent) asking where they can go on a Budweiser Beer Tour to a frat brother who wants to get my Intro to Human Ev tests from last year (ur identity is safe with me Kathy and give me a call some time).  Now as a professional I expect those around me to respect the rules of “the game” and be professional.  Normally I don’t have a particular problem with people, but a few times last semester the BD cook forgot to put the third piece of bacon on my Turkey Club, or it came with all the cheese sauce on one side and the bacon at the wrong angle, and I think we should all admit that that behavior just isn’t “professional.”

Today, though, I got the short black guy at the sandwich station. I don’t know his name because I don’t want to be awkward and talk to him (frat brothers have been teasing me for “hitting on” BD employees b4).  He makes THE BEST sandwiches.  He puts three slices of bacon well-centered on the lettuce and then he tops it off with a “You alright man? be careful tonight.”   I started calling him Mr. T as a joke (don’t remember how it started).  He really seems to like it.

Mr. T, you are a godsend.  Now teach the rest of the staff about “professionalism in the workplace” or make them all do Mgmt 100.

~ by killerbuffalo on February 7, 2011.

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