The Next Generation of Whispers

I haven't been this excited about a grab-n-go item since Go-Gurt

Since March Madness hasn’t started yet, I have time for a quick post.  I’m excited about Stanley’s (the new cafe in Lopata) “takeover” of campus life.  Still, no one has yet to mention that this new entry in the market could really hurt the campus library industry, which relies on Whispers cafe to bring in customers.  Just personally, I never even go to the library or Whispers except to get my Whispers vanilla frappe fix, and apparently Stanley wasn’t smart enough to include those on his menu.  Guess I won’t be going to his place.

Stanley’s does have great cinnamon rolls, though, and I like the fruit in their yogurt parfaits better than the fruit in the parfaits from Whispers.  I’ve noticed that people have been catching on to this—my QBA study group decided to meet at Stan’s on Wednesdays instead of Whispers, which was a lucky coincidence for Mike and Ben, who organized the meeting, since they had mechanics in Lopata right before.

I should also mention that the Einstein’s (bagels) opened in the business school recently.  I’m sure that some of their bagels are alright, but they sell a lot of things that I’m not used to seeing on the menu everywhere else on campus, and that can be overwhelming, especially if I’m already having a tough day.  I respect most of what the administration does at this university because I know that sometimes they have logical reasons for what they do; that being said it was irresponsible for the administration not to take into account how difficult menus can affect students’ choices.  From what I’m learning in Intro to psych, I can tell you not go to Einstein’s if you have a history of anxiety or panic attacks in your family.  If you do and you and you still want to go be prepared to freak out (huge menu + the coffee isn’t Kaldi’s brewed by Bon Appetit employees).

~ by killerbuffalo on March 3, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Next Generation of Whispers”

  1. i like that you are perpetually taking qba/mgt100

  2. Had to retake Mgmt 100 this year because my retarded prof didn’t think I learned good enough “group thinking skills.” It’s not my fault that the other kids in my group didn’t get my references to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Also I’m taking QBA this semester.
    If you aren’t interested in what’s going on in my life then go fuck yourself.

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