I’m a junior at Washington University, double major in poli-sci and econ; I’m a freshman in business.  I’m the treasury secretary of Sigma Phi Epsilon.  I’m pledging Phi Delt.  I’m from Exit 47 on the New Jersey Turnpike; I’m from Riverdale; I’m from the Upper West Side; I’m from Newton; I’m from Scarsdale; I’m from outside of Philly—not the Camden, NJ side; I’m an entrepreneur; I’ll study accounting and intern on Wall Street this summer; I’m pre-med—I will be a surgeon.  People like me, but some find me annoying.  They’re probably jealous because I get so many girls. I skate and lift and head nod when you see me on campus.  My favorite athlete is Dale Earnhardt; he’s A-Rod; he’s Joe Montana.  Some people don’t like me, but they’re douches and probably tools.  That’s not to say I don’t like the diversity of my school, though, because I do—I’m always down for changing the status quo.  I voted for Obama and was pretty excited about changing politics as usual, but I’m starting to get over it; I’m worried that politics as usual isn’t something we can realistically change in this fast-paced, capital-driven world.

I’m all the people you can’t stand including the one in the mirror.  This is a blog about my life.

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2 Responses to “About”

  1. you suck

  2. No you don’t, you’re the new everyman and modern day Prometheus. You are the me I love to see hating me back in the mirror.

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