You guys can now submit posts to be published on the site, but I want to warn you that unless your post is really good, chances are I’m gonna find a place for it in my recycling bin (yes, I believe in the environment).  Here are some guidelines that will increase your chances of getting published on my site (or any other blog about the social discourse going on at American colleges):

1. Times New Roman, 12 pt font.  If you’ve ever written a paper before, I shouldn’t need to tell you this.

2.  Needs to be edgy.  I’m not interested in boring topics, so if it’s not about the NFL or a JJ Abrams movie don’t make me waste my time reading it.

3. No anonymous submissions.  There’s nothing more cowardly than hiding behind anonymity.  As a second clause to this guideline, you should probably include what frat or sorority you’re in as well as which one you have the most hookups in.

4. No split infinitives or sentences that end on a preposition.  Read the f***ing Elements of Style like every other college student and know the things you can and can’t end your sentences with.

5. No nudity.  You’d think this one would be fairly obvious, but I know Kappa girls who like to send me pictures, so just know that this won’t be tolerated.

Once you’ve finished writing your post, email it to benotcurious[at]

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